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In 2021, Sea Good was born with the mission to protect the earth and seas, fight poverty, and spread peace, hope and positivity to all people.


Hi I'm Hannah! I'm a 17 year old conservationist living and working on Kaurna land in South Australia. My waste-fighting, earth-saving journey began back in 2018 when I watched War On Waste - it totally opened my eyes up to the detrimental damage our everyday lives and this disposable society is having on our home planet. I began working to reduce waste in 2018 and then experienced an ecological conversion in early 2019, and have dedicated my time to protecting the planet ever since. 

I've spent the past few years starting eco businesses, leading change in my high school through our green team, taking part in climate strikes, writing to members of parliament, working as an outdoor educator, and starting the conversation with as many people as I can in my own life. 

At the end of 2021, after winning the Stay Stoked Award from Algalita Marine Research, I launched Sea Good, my very own non-for-profit platform to share my eco-projects and inspire positive change in Aussie youth through education. 

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My overarching mission through Sea Good is to protect the planet and spread positivity to all people. Earth is super important to me, but so is spreading peace, joy and love. I work with Aussie youth because I really want to inspire a new wave of activists, conservationists and outright good, passionate people. Our Aussie youth may be tomorrows leaders, but they are also today's changemakers and have so much power to make this world a better place.

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I am forever dreaming of a better world; one filled with happiness and life in unity with our planet. I want a future where sustainability is the only option; where people aren't constantly anxious about the worsening climate crisis, where kids don't have to miss out on school as they hit the streets striking, where millions of people worldwide are being seriously hurt by the damaging effects of global warming.

My vision for the world is one where kids can enjoy a carefree childhood, all people can swim in the sea alongside marine life, breathe clean air, soak up the sunshine, and live in unity with each other and our home planet. 

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