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Litterless Lunchboxes

Litterless Lunchboxes is all about educating students about the issues their single use plastic is creating and providing the solutions through the digital "Litterless Lunchboxes" toolkit which outlines the best way to cut down on your lunchbox plastic impact!

step 1. education

saving the planet, one lunchbox at a time!

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part 1:

Education plays a HUGE role in the fight against lunchbox plastic waste. Many students and parents don't stop to really consider the impact of the harmful plastic packaging they are filling their lunchboxes with, or just aren't aware of the other solutions. Through education, comes passion - people won't want to go out of their way to lead change if they don't know WHY it is so important!

Litterless Lunchboxes offer school talks to open the conversation about plastic waste, to increase students mindfulness about the waste they are creating and its impact.

part 2:

With a new passion for leading positive environmental change, Part 2 is designed to give all the solutions, broken down into 4 easy steps and contained in a handy digital toolkit.

The toolkit is an invaluable resource for young eco-warriors, and outlines the most effective steps they can take to reduce the impact of lunchbox plastics in their homes and school communities. 

Image by Marissa Rodriguez
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