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happy earth day!

Wishing all of you the happiest earth day !

Obviously, we should be looking out for our beautiful planet every day of the year, but today in particular is put aside to really say a massive thanks to our incredible planet. Below are 3 awesome things you can do to celebrate world earth day 2021

1. Plant something

What better way to celebrate this amazing planet than planting a little seedling. With all the deforestation in our world, a new plant never goes astray + caring for the seedling will bring you out in nature

2. Go outside

Getting outdoors and just slowing down, listening to the sound of nature and looking at the little things our planet has to offer is a great way to celebrate world earth day. Walk around your garden or, if you can, visit a beach or park and soak up the sun!

3. Buy something sustainable

I know that $5 Kmart bargains can be tempting, but they can actually be really bad for our environment. Investing in sustainably produced products that are made to last is a great step towards becoming more eco friendly. Maybe buy some beeswax wraps, a reusable coffee cup, a bamboo toothbrush, reusable water bottle, fabric shopping bags or even some eco friendly fashion (check out my feed for denim that makes a difference ). Please share this post and get involved with something that will make our planet happy

Have a great day!

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