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No matter your age, skin colour or physical differences, as residents of Earth we all have a responsibility to protect our home. Here are a few ways you can take action in our mission to protect our planet and make this world a happier place!

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Ditching single use lunchbox plastic and reaching for reusable options like beeswax wraps and containers can not only hugely reduce your footprint on this planet, but also save you so much money! Its a win-win. Use the free Litterless Lunchboxes digital toolkit to learn the most effective steps to take to ditch single use plastic for good in lunchboxes and create a wave of change while doing so!

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A huge part of this mission to save our planet lies in systematic change. This is all about letting politicians in parliament and world leaders know that we care about our future and want them to act with the planet in mind. There are so many ways to have your voice heard by people in power:

 - Take a stand at a local climate strike 

 - Vote for politicians who have strong environmental policies

 - write to your local MP expressing your concern

 - join global citizen, a platform that makes it easy to support positive systematic change



You don't have to go vegan, or even vegetarian, but cutting back on intake of animal products intake always makes a positive difference. Our diet makes up 25% of our carbon footprint, so we have a HUGE amount of power to make a difference by making small changes. 

Try eating meat-free a couple of days each week, find some great local vego cafes and restaurants, and get your hands dirty planting an awesome backyard veggie patch (or join a local community garden!). Not only does eating more veggies have a hugely positive impact on the planet, it is also healthier and often cheaper too!

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Community cleanups are a great way of meeting new people, raising awareness about the issues with waste, and helping our planet and its wildlife. Check out your local Sea Shepherd chapter as they run regular beach cleanups, or band together some friends and family and start your own. Remember to stay safe and use gloves!

Beach Cleanup Volunteers


Whether it be your school green team, a local gardening club, social justice team at uni or church community - finding a crew of people who are also passionate about protecting the planet is a great way to lead positive change. It can be really uplifting to hear other peoples stories and know there's so much passion around plus, it great to have a tribe to help organise bigger events and projects.

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